I am a highly motivated, detail-oriented Houston-based graphic designer and art director.


I graduated from Sam Houston State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Advertising/Graphic Design in 2005.


My design style is a mixture of vintage and modern design with a heavy focus on typography. I draw inspiration from favorite fine art movement, which happens to be Pop Art.


In 2010, I received an American In-House Design Award for my 'Buck Stops Here' billboard design. In 2012, I received an

American In-House Design Award for my 'Gear Up For Fishing' logo. I also recently placed first and third place in the Academy Sports + Outdoors Texas T-Shirt Showdown.


Because of my grandmother’s diligent work on our genealogy, I'm a member of several societies. Mayflower, Daughters of the American Revolution and the Magna Carta Dames. 

Now, on to the more interesting tidbits. First and foremost I'm a wife and a mother to the most energetic, creative, and funny little man I've ever met.

I am fun loving, but with a strong sense of responsibility. For example, I can't relax if my house is dirty. 

I can't sit down for more than 30 minutes at a time, unless I'm working or am sick. I'm a "doer." A mover and a shaker, if you will.

I love spending time outside on warm, sunny Texas days. I rarely complain about the heat, mostly because I'm always cold.


I'm a huge lover of rock, especially 90's grunge, classic rock and, shamefully, a few oldies.

Comedies are my favorite genre of movie. I'd rather spend my movie time laughing, rather than crying or watching things blow up.

One day I watched Eight Below and the Hills Have Eyes back to back and I was completely traumatized for the rest of the day.


Everything I do is always with the best intentions because I believe that you get what you give. I think the key to life is to pursue happiness and pass the joy to others.


I am an INFJ, which is one of the rarest personality types. Yep, I’m a diamond in the rough, y’all.


I sing in a classic rock band. Some might say that I’m not just a soccer mom, I’m a rocker mom too.


I'm a neat freak. I am totally OCPD and overly organized. My closet is arranged in ROYGBIV color order and categorized by type of item. 


The cockroach is my arch nemesis, particularly the ones who fly. Although I hate them, I'm too terrified by the thought of approaching them to kill them, so I usually make, I mean politely ask, my husband do it.


I'm still mildly scared of the dark and so is my son. I tell him there's nothing to be scared of, but we all know that's a lie.

Academy Sports + Outdoors

Graphic Designer Print 

July 2005 – November 2007

Concepted & produced billboards, magazine and newspaper ads.

Academy Sports + Outdoors

Brand Development Senior Graphic Designer

2007 – 2012

Worked with buyers on strategy for internal brands. Produced concepts for packaging and logo designs. Provided photo direction to our internal photo studio &assisted in production for packaging design. Worked on seasonal t-shirts & large scale in-store visuals.

Academy Sports + Outdoors

Art Director | Senior Designer

2012 – Present

Create and oversee creation of concepts for use across all marketing channels including digital design, print and social media, while leading a small team of designers. Develop art & guidelines to be distributed company wide for seasonal campaigns and events. Work closely with our Brand Marketing team to executeseasonal merchant and marketing strategies. Relay creative direction to our in-house photo studio team through the use of mood boards and assist in providing artdirection of photo shoots.

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